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Alumni Sail

Posted on 21 January 2015 @ 3:10pm

Alumni Sail

Galley, Watch, Happy Hour, Lookout and 1 min shower… Those strange words coming out from Floaties mouth… Those words you think you understand… But I swear you don’t until you experience them for real! Alumni Sail is the best way to get along with life at sea as a CAF member!

Charlotteville, Trinidad & Tobago

Posted on 7 January 2015 @ 7:56pm

Tobago has been a tropical paradise!  After arriving early in Man O’War Bay, students enjoyed their time at anchor with multiple swim calls and beautiful views.  On New Years Eve we brought in the new year with a student lead coffee house on the foredeck followed by some tasty treats.  At midnight, we continued an old maritime tradition by having the oldest person on board ring out the old year and the youngest ring in the new.  We were able to see the fireworks on the shore and sent some lanterns into the night sky courtesy of Diego.  On January 2nd, students had a full day to explore the island with many students taking the local bus to Scarborough, the nearest sizable city, while many others stayed in Charlotteville near the ship and enjoyed liming (relaxing) with the locals.  On Jan 3rd, we went deep into the oldest Primary Rainforest in the Western Hemisphere in search of some of the rare and exotic birds that are unique to the island of Tobago.  Students saw many birds, including humming birds and parrots, learned about forest ecology, swung from some vines and even ate some tasty termites!  After getting muddy and sweaty on the hike, we finished the afternoon with a dip at Argyle Falls.  January 4th allowed the students to reunite with local friends they had met and go on recommended adventures.  Some went to local houses for lunches while others went Scuba Diving in Speyside.  Overall, the beauty of the island coupled with the kindness of the people has ensured that Tobago will always have a place in the students hearts.