Class Afloat Student Receives Schulich Leader Scholarship!

Posted on 29 August 2017 @ 6:17pm

Class Afloat Student Receives Schulich Leader Scholarship!

Gabrielle Martineau, 2016-2017 Class Afloat Alumni, has been announced as a Schulich Leader and recipient of a Schulich Leader Scholarship!

Since 2012, the Schulich Leader Scholarship Program has been granting 50 scholarships to students planning to pursue a degree in engineering, technology and mathematics. Scholarships are awarded by 20 Canadian universities to students nominated by 2000+ high schools and Cégeps across the country.

Martineau learned about the scholarship while researching universities where she planned to apply following her year at sea with Class Afloat. Her interest was piqued as the words “sciences” and “leader” jump off the page of one university site, and she quickly clicked on to learn more.

After making the decision to apply, Gabby gathered her references, essays, and other supporting documents, which she admits, isn’t the easiest to do when you’re spending a year sailing around the world! Needless to say, it was worth it. We asked Gabby to tell us a bit more about becoming a Schulich Leader what it means to her to be a recipient of this prestigious award.

What do you receive as a recipient of the Schulich Leader Scholarship?

"Of course being a Schulich Leader Scholarship recipient comes with money ($80,000 CAD to be exact) designed to fund your studies, as well as research projects, etc. but mostly, you get the recognition of being a Schulich Leader, which comes with a lot of prestige - both in learning institutions and in the scientific world. Being a Schulich Leader can be the prelude of a scientist’s career and it gives recipients a window of opportunity to pursue their dreams, helping them to become pioneers in these fields of study."

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?

"Being a Schulich Leader means a lot to me. It is a prestigious Award and I am honoured to have been chosen as a recipient. Moreover, I am honored in the trust my University has put in me, to innovate and to be a hope in the future of science. I believe there is such a thing as evolving in a school that supports you and that has faith in your success. "

How did your experience with Class Afloat support your candidacy for the scholarship?

"It goes without saying: Class Afloat has taught or has contributed to enhance many skills that definitely helped me in both my application and my candidacy for the Schulich Leader Scholarship itself. Namely initiative, organization, open-mindedness, discipline, but before anything else, leadership.

Indeed, Class Afloat is an opportunity in which leadership skills are called for every single day for a period of nine months. Students enrolled in the program have to go through thick and thin over the course of their journey. I believe that Class Afloat is the kind of experience that can make a huge difference in such circumstances (like applying for an important award), and definitely helped me stand out from the other candidates.

On the other hand, Class Afloat has also provided me with an excellent education for this past year of study, which surely had a notable impact on my candidacy. Plus, I couldn’t have achieved this without the precious assistance of many of my teachers, particularly Mrs Asta Mail, who helped in the elaboration and writing of my letters, which had a lot to play in both my application and candidacy."

What are your plans for next year? 

"I am studying full-time in Laval University, in Quebec City. There, I will be completing a year of preparation of sciences classes in order to accommodate to Quebec’s curriculum, with the goal of pursuing my studies in the field of Biology. I’ll also be travelling as much as possible over my school breaks, hopefully!"

We asked Gabby if she had any other advice to share with students considering applying for the scholarship. Here’s what she had to say:

“To all of you who are passionate about any of the STEM fields of study (Sciences, Technology, Engineering or Mathematic) and who truly have an interest in building a career in these fields of study, I would recommend taking a chance in applying to the Schulich Leader Scholarship. For me, this was a shot in the dark. And it will surely change my life!”

Congratulations Gabby and best of luck with your future studies! You can find out more about how to apply for the Schulich Leader's Scholarship on the Schulich Leaders Homepage.